28 Jan 2014

Apple's Mobile Payment with Touch ID !

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Apple touch Id is a new world of security which Apple has initiated in the smart phones world. Apple’s Tim Cook made a statement that touch Id was one of thought to make things more secure.  Along with the Touch Id to unlock cell but Apple also optionally added a verification process to purchase from iTunes store.

Apple's Mobile Payment with Touch ID !

The touch Id verification process in only for the iTunes purchase as of now, Apple has not included any third party to take an advantage of this security system for the payment mode. Cook also added that TOUCH ID feature which is there is having a secure future ahead, so Apple added that it can also be used for the payment mode.

The mixture of biometrics with match of wireless payments seems this year’s most innovative thing and that too secure. Apple inc knows that Touch id is the best way to obtain the identity of the person. After the success of touch id implementation in iPhone 5s the response from the public was more than the company’s expectations.

Cook has not officially guaranteed that company would implement the payment with the help of Touch Id. We hope that the feature of Touch id would benefit the people in saving their other personal info such as passwords, credit  and debit cards or any other useful things.

It’s FEATURE , it’s Touch ID, it’s FUTURE. 

Author : Aakar Gupte                                      Source : WSJ


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