12 Feb 2014

Awaiting for i-Phone 6 ¿ Here's all what you need to know......

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yet the Apple fans are still playing with latest release of iPhone version 5S, Apple is about to release iPhone 6 in 2014 as per the rumours. We are about to see iPhone 6 in September 2014, each time iPhone is released screen size gets wider than the previous, it is said that iPhone 6 would have wider screen that iPhone 5S. 


As per the rumours from 9to5 Mac who claimed that they had a glimpse of image of iPhone 6 screen.

Awaiting for i-Phone 6 ¿ Here's what you need to know......

There is no surety that this is real iPhone 6 image or just a prototype for it, if this is real then iPhone would have a screen size of 6.55mm thin. A report from Wall Street journal has provided indication that Apple is trying experiments for screen sizes from 4.5 to 6-inches.  As per MacRumors Apple iPhone 6 may implement a 4.8 inch screen with Retina+ IGZO screen manufactured by sharp, that would support the display of iPhone 6 and effect in thinner, brighter and much clearer with boasting of HD resolution.

IPhone 5s was gifted with 8 megapixel camera with better low light performance, it also has 10fps burst mode and also a slow motion video control. Of course it is expected that the camera would have 13mega pixel, other sources added information that iPhone 6 may have refocus-able lightfield camera.

As per the reports from 9to5Mac lightfield camera patent is being granted to Apple, that would help user to refocus their images after they have been captured.

Awaiting for i-Phone 6 ¿ Here's what you need to know......

One feature is rumoured about the camera in iPhone 6 that it would also include optical image stabilisation, and also improvisation of auto focus and OIS. We hope to see these rumours into live action.  

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64GB being the top most and last storage for the iPhone model so for iPhone 6 the capacity is increased, we hope to have iPhone 6 to 128GB storage space. As per the upgrade of recent launch ipad at 128GB we can expect iPhone 6 to be the same.

Nuts & Bolts:
It is said that as of now Apple A7 system-on-chip. It’s 64 bit mobile chip and supreme fast on its performance, Apple has integrated this on iPhone 5s giving it the high end performance.

Awaiting for i-Phone 6 ¿ Here's what you need to know......

We expect that Apple would use the same chip in iPhone 6, with high end camera functions and other up gradation with rumours of IOS 8 along with healthbook and enhancing body measuring apps.

If price would be too high then it would be very disappointing for Apple fans to make their mind for iPhone 6, it is expected to get a model of 32Gb with price of 529pound , 64 GB 599 and 128Gb 699 pounds.  The above price is just the estimated once we are not sure to have same price when it is released officially.

We hope the above rumours to turn true on its official release, stay updated with us for the official spec of iPhone 6

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Author : Aakar Gupte


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